Sports Round Up Week 8/9

Sports Roundup

KPTA Annual Quiz Night

Sharing of Learning Conferences

Bookings for our Sharing of Learning Conferences are now open.  Please follow the link below and use our unique school code to log on.  If you would prefer me to book a time for you, please email me at:  and I will do that for you.

Please Note: School will close for conferences on Thursday 23 April at 12.00pm. We ask that you please collect your child/ren from school at 12.00pm on order for conferences to begin at 12.35pm.  If you are unable to collect your child at 12.00pm there will be limited supervision available.  Please email or contact the office: to inform us if you are unable to collect your child.  ALL buses will run at USUAL times.

Kind Regards

Dan Maclean

  1. The website address
  2. The event code TSPLU

Modern Learning Environments

This information comes form the Ministry of Education Website.  It is important to remember that although there are significant changes to buildings, furniture and classroom layout, it is the pedagogy that is what is driving these changes, to best meet the outcomes for students’ learning.

Pedagogy – the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.  Is the discipline that deals with the theory and practice of education; it thus concerns the study and practice of how best to teach.

The majority of school buildings were built between 1950 and the 70s.  Since then, teaching practice and student learning needs have changed significantly.  New technologies and building materials allow for new, vibrant and well connected learning spaces.  All students deserve to be taught in these new modern learning environments, and benefit from new teaching methods.

The Modern Learning Environment (MLE) assessment process was introduced in 2010 as part of the changes to the 10 Year Property Plan (10YPP) process and Five Year Agreement (5YA) funding.

The changes to 5YA funding aim to support government’s three priorities for well-managed school property.

  • Priority one: Health and Safety
  • Priority two: Essential Infrastructure Projects
  • Priority three: Modern Learning Environments

A learning environment may be understood to be the complete physical social, pedagogical, context in which they occur.

The use of the word implies characteristics that are contemporary or ‘fit for purpose in the current time’, the original latin being “modo” or Just now.  Thus a modern learning environment is one that reflects and supports what is currently in terms of pedagogical practice.

When considered this way, a modern learning environment is one that is capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve and change – thus remaining modern and future focused.

The term MLE is commonly used to refer to classrooms but may include any designated place of learning such as science labs, distance learning contexts, libraries, tutoring centres, teachers staffrooms, gymnasiums and the interaction between these spaces.  These might be better referred to as Modern Learning Spaces.

Modern Learning Environments / News Articles

There is an increasing number of articles about MLE’s in the media.  These may be of interest to you.

This article is also an interesting read.  Five of our staff attended Yolanda Soryl’s phonics course last week.  She is an outstanding educator.  We are certainly looking forward to the launch of this app.

Pod Blogs

At present our Pods blogs are ‘under construction’ – they will be available in the very near future.  Our Rimu Pod students each have their own blog, and our Totara and Kowhai Pods have Pod blogs.  These will be shared with you very soon.

In the meantime, we want to keep our previous (2014) blogs available for perusing.

Have a look at this image created by George Couros…

Powhiri for Mr Orr

A small group of representatives will be attending a powhiri for Mr Orr at Fairfield school this morning.  The powhiri begins at 9.45am.  We will be meeting at the MacArthur Street entrance shortly beforehand.

KPTA – AGM 23 February 2015

The KPTA will be holding their AGM at 7.30pm on 23 February in the staffroom. Please note change in time previously stated.   This will be followed by a committee meeting.  All welcome.

Outdoor Classroom – Update

Our wonderful new space will be ready for use on Monday.  The concrete floor has been placed and it will provide us with some extra space and shade.  Huge thanks to Gary and Roger who have been working on this in the heat of summer!

Waiting for the second truck to arrive.

Welcome Back School – 2015

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning.  School will begin with a brief assembly at 8.30am outside Room 1.

Buses will be running as usual on Monday.