Our People

Our school is made up of a terrific team of people, who all contribute to the best possible learning and teaching outcomes for our children. Our team are:


Danielle Maclean – Principal

Angela Moxham – Deputy Principal (Rimu – Pod 3 Teacher) Year 7/8

Becky Ward – Team Leader (Totara – Pod 2 Teacher) Year 5

Heather Wynyard- Team Leader (Kowhai – Pod 1) Room 1a: New Entrants/Year 1

Teaching Staff

Laura Burling- Year 1/2 (Kōwhai)

Maureen Keene – Year 2/3 (Kōwhai)

Richard Maclean – Year 4 (Tōtara)

Lauren Shuker – Year 6 (Tōtara)

Robbie Edwards – Year 7/8 (Rimu)

Audrey Burton – CRT Release Teacher

George West – CRT Release Teacher

Support Staff

Christa Page – Office Manager

Janine Waddell – Teacher Aide/Sport Coordinator

Esta Kennett – Teacher Aide

Alan Hagger – Caretaker

Teresa Sannazzaro – Cleaner

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