Our Curriculum

The New Zealand Curriculum sets the framework for learning and teaching in New Zealand schools. The New Zealand Curriculum allows each school the scope and provision to design their own ‘local curriculum’ reflective of their school, pedagogy and community.

The aims and aspirations of the curriculum is to develop amongst our learners the competencies and skills to be active, confident, connected, life long learners.

Our curriculum embodies these principles and aims to provide the best possible learning experiences for our children.

At the centre of our curriculum are the students, who are partners in designing the curriculum with us. Curriculum design is an ever evolving and adapting process, as programmes and areas are reviewed and professional learning informs teaching and learning.

Please click on the following links to view aspects of our Curriculum:

Koputaroa School Curriculum Statement

Our Conceptual Curriculum

Future Focus Learning


HOT Learning

Formative Assessment

Assessment at Koputaroa School

Effective Teaching

Deliberate Acts of Teaching

Effective Pedagogy and Teaching as Inquiry

Thinking Skills – deBono’s Hats

National Standards

Koputaroa School Appraisal

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