VISION : Nurturing confident, future focused learners


At our school we place a huge emphasis on quality learning and teaching and firmly believe in the principles of formative practice – children being actively involved in the learning and teaching process. Our dedicated staff are very committed to providing our children with the best possible learning experiences and children enjoy a collaborative, supportive, engaging and motivational learning environment.

We operate 3 Innovative Learning Spaces. Our Kōwhai (Junior) Pod has 3 teachers and caters for our Years 1-3 students. Our Tōtara (Middle) Pod also has three teachers and caters for our Years 4-6 students and our Rimu (Senior) Pod has two teachers and caters for our Year 7 & 8 Students. We believe in encouraging the concept of Learner Agency in our school and our students are developing a good understanding of what it takes to become ‘Self-Agentic’ learners. We also firmly believe in developing a Growth Mindset in our students.

We take an enormous amount of pride in our school, buildings and grounds. Our children have access to an expansive play area, numerous resources and 21st Century technologies. Children at our school also enjoy participating in a wealth of sports, such as; hockey, netball, rugby, soccer, water polo, mini-ball and cycling. Agriculture Day is a highlight on our school calendar, where the children are able to showcase indoor exhibits, art and craft and their pets.

We believe children are creators of their own learning and the use of digital technologies can actively develop this.

Koputaroa enjoys a very welcoming and supportive community and an active KPTA (Koputaroa Parent Teacher Association). The KPTA are the main fundraising body of our school, assisting with resourcing and funds. Their motto is: “Supporting our families and school to provide our children with as many opportunities as possible”

We look forward to being a part of your child’s learning adventure at our school