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Enrolment at Koputaroa School is governed by an Enrolment Scheme.

All students who live within the ‘home zone’ are entitled to enrol at our school.

Out of zone enrolments are governed by our school’s enrolment scheme and the provisions of the Education & Training Act 2020.

If there are places available for students who are out of zone, the board will advertise to the community and publish the number of places available, the year levels, the ballot dates, how applications are to be made and the dates by which applications must be received (See more details below)

If there are more students than places available, a ballot will be held.

Out-of-zone enrolment applications

Out-of-zone applications are only accepted once all in-zone enrolments are accepted. It is a legal requirement that a home zone is defined in such a way that students are able to attend a reasonably convenient school. See below for details of our Home Zone.

Out-of-zone students can only be accepted at a school if there are places available. Currently the Act defines the order of out-of-zone student priority as:

1. students accepted for enrolment in a special programme run by the school - PLEASE NOTE: KOPUTAROA SCHOOL DOES NOT RUN ANY SPECIAL PROGRAMMES

2. siblings of current students

3. siblings of former students

4. children of former students

5. children of board employees and board members

6. all other students.

Once a priority category is reached where there are more applications than places available, the school will hold a ballot. Applications are randomly drawn and accepted in that order until all of the remaining available places are filled.

To ensure fairness and transparency for all out-of-zone students, all boards must be consistent in how pre-enrolment processes for out-of-zone enrolment applications are managed – especially ballots. Consistency reduces the likelihood of too many students enrolling at one school while other schools have capacity for them.


A ballot is a random draw of out-of-zone applications to fill the remaining places available in a school. Ballots for secondary schools are held once a year, and ballots for primary schools can be held more than once a year, if required.

  • Names or numbers associated with an application are drawn randomly out of a ballot box.

  • The order that they are drawn is noted, and accepted in that order.

  • First, all of the available out-of-zone places are filled.

  • Ballots drawn after all places are filled are put on a waiting list in the order that they are drawn.

A ballot is not required if there are more places available at a school than out-of-zone applications.

Ballot Supervisor

To ensure ballots are fair and transparent, the process must be supervised by a Justice of the Peace, a practising lawyer, a sworn member of the Police, or a local government returning officer.

The person cannot be an employee or member of the school’s board, or a relative of a child included in the ballot.


o Heatherlea East Road Jackson Road

o Heatherlea West Road Tavistock Road

o Avenue North Road Kukutauaki Road

o Potts Road Sorensens Road

o Te Whanga Road

o Paiaka Road (and its adjacent roads)

o Wallace Road (and its adjacent roads)

o State Highway 1 (from the southern corner of Avenue North Road to the northern corner of Te Whanga Road)

o State Highway 57 (Arapaepae Road – from the northern corner of McDonalds Road to and including, Te Rohenga Road).

o Koputaroa Road (from SH 1 in the south to Aratangata Road in the north).