VISION :  Nurturing confident, future focused learners


Learning to Learn:

Our school curriculum firmly adheres to the principles of formative practice where children are encouraged to reflect on their own learning processes and to learn how to learn.

-  Providing clear learning intentions and success criteria.

-  Feedback and Feed-forward to critique and improve learning.

-  Exemplars and/or models of the intended learning to scaffold children’s understanding.

Community Engagement:

Community consultation and collaboration support the design and review of curriculum.

-  Providing opportunities to keep our community informed.

-  Gauging and seeking community feedback as part of self-review.


We aim for our curriculum to build on prior knowledge which makes links within and across learning areas and opens up pathways to new learning.

-  Making connections between learning areas through an integrated approach.

-  Programmes that are based on a conceptual curriculum which allows for greater connections to be made.

Future Focus:

At our school we believe in a Conceptual Curriculum that focuses on authentic, integrated learning that aims to prepare our children for their future.

-  Co-creating and involving children with the design of learning programmes and experiences.


At Koputaroa School we believe that Home Learning should be designed to support the classroom learning. Thus, it is meaningful, relevant and connected to what the child is learning in class. Research shows that home learning that reinforces the class learning has the strongest effect. Research also shows that home learning that is clear, easily understood and supported by parents also produces the best outcome.


Each year, staff will review and negotiate responsibility of Curriculum Learning Areas.

• Curriculum areas will have a set budget and the purchasing of resources will be delegated to those staff members who have responsibility for specified curriculum areas.

• All purchases are to be made in accordance with the Finance Procedures (NAG 4)

• Classroom budgets are allocated and reviewed annually.