VISION : Nurturing confident, future focused learners


Curriculum design is a dynamic, collaborative, continual and ever evolving process which takes into consideration a number of aspects, the most important being the needs of the learner.

The New Zealand Curriculum sets the policy and direction for curriculum delivery and allows schools the opportunity to design their own ‘local curriculum’ in collaboration and consultation with their community.

At Koputaroa School we aim to provide an engaging, balanced and meaningful curriculum that meets the needs of our learners and encourages and challenges them to exceed expectations.

Our Vision Nurturing Confident, Future-focused learners encapsulates our beliefs about providing high quality learning and teaching that is engaging, reflective and ongoing.

We adhere to the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum for our learners to be Confident, Connected, Actively Involved, Lifelong learners.


At Koputaroa School we put our children at the centre of learning and teaching, and involve them with a curriculum that is engaging and challenging.

High Expectations:

We aim for all our children to achieve the best they can - ‘From Each Their Best’.

- Use of formative assessment with clear learning intentions and success criteria.

- Feedback and feed-forward to improve learning.

- Supportive and collaborative environment that fosters success.

- Quality professional development to provide the best learning and teaching.

Treaty of Waitangi:

At Koputaroa School we acknowledge New Zealand’s cultural diversity and in doing so the unique position of Māori as Tangata Whenua. At our school we will provide opportunities that support its students in te reo and tikanga Māori.

- Teaching te reo as part of our class programme and integrating tikanga.

- Whanau consultation and involvement.

Cultural Diversity:

Our school curriculum acknowledges the cultural diversity and values of our local and wider community.

- Empathy and understanding of the cultural diversity within our community.


At our school we aim to have an inclusive curriculum that recognises the talents and abilities of each child while also celebrating and accepting their differences.

- Understanding and knowing our learners.

- Providing opportunities to share talents, successes and achievements.

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